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How to Set Up and Track Multiple URLs

Publishers may submit up to 10 URLs within their profile for different sites they are promoting affiliate offers on. Unique tracking links can be created for each URL within the publisher’s profile. Publishers who utilize unique tracking for each of their properties have access to review performance reporting across each of their properties.

How to Set up Additional URLs in the Publisher Profile
Navigate to Settings Profile Settings.
Under the Additional Websites section, click Add Additional Site to enter the URL.
How to Set up Tracking for Additional URLs
Navigate to any creative type and expand the Code Options box at the top of the page. Select the property you’d like to create tracking links for and click Apply Options.
A new website parameter will appear at the end of all tracking links. Simply copy/paste the tracking link to your site.

Reporting for Additional URLs
Use the Website Tracking drop down within any report to view performance for that specific property.