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Cloning/Copying a Commission Term

Once a commission term has been created it cannot be edited directly. Instead, advertisers can clone the term so edits can be made.
To edit a publisher term by cloning it, navigate to Pay Commission Terms. Choose the term to be edited and select Clone Term.


Once cloned, the term can be edited. Please note that term names must be unique. When editing the term, you will need to make sure the term name is also updated.
For example, if we wanted to update our “5% Payout” term above to a 3% payout value instead of a 5% payout value, after cloning the term we would update the Term Name to “3% Payout” as well as adjust the payout value to 3%.
When cloning a term, you also have the option to select a box to Transfer Publishers. If this box is checked, it will transfer publishers already assigned to the cloned commission term to the newly edited term. If we choose the Transfer Publisher option in our example above, all of the publishers assigned to our “5% Payout” will be moved over to our new “3% Payout” term.
When you’re finished, save the term.