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Advertiser Transaction Details Report

The Transaction Details report includes all available information on the transaction level. This report also allows advertisers to manually correct orders.


·        Determine the number of New-To-File customers generated by publishers.

·        Identify Device Type, creative and coupon code used in transactions.

·        Review details for specific transactions.

To access the report:

Click Track Transactions Transaction Details

Transaction Details Report

Filters at the top provide options to select a Publisher ID, Creative ID, Publisher Group, Creative Type, Device Type, Order ID, New-To-File, Coupon Code, and Date Range.

Transaction Details report includes:

•    Transaction ID- Ascend’s unique identifier for the transaction
•    ID- the unique identifier assigned to the publisher
•    Publisher- name of the publisher
•    Company- publisher’s company name
•    Term- term applied to the transaction. Clicking on the term applied will display the Order Commission Rule Report.
•    Order ID- the unique identifier of the order
•    Link Type- creative type that was utilized
•    Sale Amount- total revenue driven
•    Commission- total commission for each transaction (includes both publisher commission as well as network commission)
•    Sale Date- date sale occurred
•    Status- status of transaction within the locking cycle
•    Click Stream- a sequence of websites a user views, presented in the order viewed
•    Action- the details button will provide additional details on the transaction. If a Correct option is present, the order is within the locking period and may be manually corrected here.
•    More fields are available in the Optional Columns menu. These fields include Device Type, Publisher Referral URL, New to File, and Custom Segment.


New-to-file and Coupon Code are only available for programs passing back this data to Ascend.  Also, the publisher must be supplying the Referral URL in their creative links for this field to be populated in the report.

All reports can be printed or downloaded with the   button in the top right of the report.