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Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead generation campaigns can be utilized for list building, newsletter list acquisition or sales leads through Ascend.

Leads can be tracked through the Ascend pixel.

How to Setup

  • You will need to create a secondary pixel on the landing/confirmation page of the email subscription page.
    • This new pixel will have nothing at all to do with your current pixel and will only be used to track leads for this campaign.
    • Your tracking pixel will always contain a lot of the same information. Every time it fires it will say there was an order with one item that has an item ID like LeadGeneration, an item quantity of one, and an item price of zero. The only piece of information that will change from one pixel fire to the next is the Order ID.
    • How To Setup and Test Your Pepperjam Pixel


  • Next, create a unique Item ID to pass through the tracking pixel to allow item-level commissioning and reporting. For example, call it “LeadGeneration” or something similar. Just make the item ID something clear, simple, and unique to your program. 


  • Once you have created an Item ID, create a new Itemized List by clicking on Settings Itemized List . Itemized lists can be utilized to issue commission on the Item or SKU level. This works well for items in your catalog and since we are treating a lead like we treat an item, it will work well here too. 


  • Use the ID from the new itemized list in the last step to create an itemized list upload file. Itemized list files are just simple text files that contain the item name you want to see in reporting, the item ID we see in the pixel, and the itemized list ID that the item is being assigned to.


  • Set up a Dynamic Commission Term to encourage publishers to promote your lead generation campaign. If you are unsure of what to pay out per lead, check to see what your competitors are offering to ensure your commission is competitive. 


  • Add creatives to the program such as banners and text links that drive shoppers to the landing page that captures new leads. 


  • Measure and evaluate the success of your campaign and make adjustments where needed.