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Affiliate Program Newsletters

Communication is key to a successful affiliate program. Direct communication with publishers should be complimented with newsletters sent from your advertiser dashboard to announce website updates, new products, promotions or as a reminder of your incentive for publishers to promote your brand. We recommend sending a newsletter weekly, bi-weekly or, at minimum, monthly to keep your brand and relevant content top-of-mind for publishers.

While plain text newsletters still convey your message, HTML newsletters are more aesthetically appealing and user-friendly for publishers to access the content you’re sharing. If you need help creating a template, please reach out to your account team.

To access the newsletter feature, click the envelope icon in the black toolbar across the top of your interface. Then, select “newsletters” from the dropdown. Here, advertisers will find the newsletter dashboard, containing all newsletters. To create a newsletter, click “Create Newsletter”.
By default, newsletters will be sent to all publishers joined to a program; however, advertisers have the option to filter recipients by joined before or after dates, publisher group, assigned commission term, or promotional method. Advertisers may also add individual publishers to a newsletter. Recipients can be selected using the “Method” dropdown at the top of the page.

If sending a plain text newsletter, simply enter your content into the body field. For HTML content, click the source code icon (< >), paste your content, and click “OK”. Text can be edited using the icons in the body’s toolbar.
Conveying information about updated creative content can be done using the tag feature, located to the right of the body field. The tag feature allows advertisers to include specific creative, which publishers can pull directly from the newsletter. This is especially valuable for including your preferred content or specific creative that align with the newsletter’s topic. Likewise, the “Generic Tags” option can be used to insert a placeholder to automatically populate the recipients first name, last name, or email.
Advertisers should preview newsletters prior to sending. A draft of the newsletter can be forwarded to an email address using the “Send Preview E-Mail” option. Newsletters can also be reviewed in a new browser window by clicking “Preview in Browser”.

There are three saving methods available to advertisers. First, saving as a draft will allow advertisers to return to the newsletter for further editing later. To send a newsletter immediately, select “Queue for Sending”. If a newsletter is completed but not ready to be sent, select “Schedule for Sending”, which allows the advertiser to specify the date and time for sending. Note that the scheduling must be done in Eastern Time.