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Product Feed Errors

Advertisers utilizing a product feed may experience periodic feed errors following processing. While errors may impact the ability of publishers to pull data from a specific product, they do not always impact the processing of the entire feed. Feeds can generate up to 500 errors and still process successfully. Errors can be viewed both on the dashboard in the “Action Needed” box or under Settings Product Feeds. Errors will remain in place for either up to 30 days, or until the error has been resolved.
Common product feed errors include:

  1. File was missing the following required field name: “field name
    1. Indicates that a header is either missing from the feed or is not formatted properly.
  2. Invalid Header-Feed was not updated. File doesn’t conform to format
    1. Typically indicates that the incorrect feed type was selected. Advertisers must format their product feed in one of the acceptable feed types indicated under Settings Product Feeds
  3. url_passive validation failed for field: “field name”
    1. The URL present in this field for a given SKU could not be validated. In most circumstances, the URL structure is either incorrect or, for example, text other than a URL is present in a field requiring a URL.
  4. Required validation failed for field: “field name”
    1. Required data for a given SKU is not present in the feed

If you have any additional questions about your product feed and corresponding errors, please contact your account strategist or Support.