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Assigning and Changing Commission Terms

Once a commission term has been created or cloned for edits, advertisers will need to assign the term to their publishers either individually or in bulk. To assign a commission term, navigate to Publishers Manage Publishers and complete the following steps:

  1. To change an individual publisher’s term, you can search for that specific partner
    • Under the Action dropdown, select Change Term


    • Choose the new term for the selected publisher. Choose a date for the term to take effect. Note that publishers require at least a seven notice of an upcoming term change. For example, if you change a publisher’s commission term on 1/1, it will not go into effect until 7 days later on 1/8
    • Select early acceptance if desired. Early acceptance allows a partner to opt into the new term before the effective date. If the partner does not accept early, they will be automatically moved into the new term after the 7 day notification period


    • You also have the option to schedule the commission term change as temporary. When you select this option, you will choose the next term that the publisher will go into and the start date for that term 


  1. To change the term for multiple publishers, use the filters to search for multiple publishers by Status, Terms, Category, etc.
    • Under the Select dropdown, choose All
    • Under Bulk Action, select Change Term
    • Follow the same steps listed above for changing individual commission terms
    • Expand page results if needed to include additional publishers and complete these steps for each page of partners