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What type of creative links are available?

Generic links: A link to an advertisers’ homepage that does not expire.


Text links: A hyperlinked phrase that may simply consist of the name of the advertiser or feature a promotion, offer, or category on the advertiser’s site.


Banners: A clickable graphic ad. Banners can be static or animated and are offered in various sizes. Banners often display the advertiser’s logo, best-selling products, promotions, or highlight any new offer that is available from the advertiser.


Advanced: Interactive links that can include flash banners, HTML banners, email creatives, printable coupons, videos, search box banners, etc.


Coupons: A tracking URL and code for special promotions. This includes free shipping, daily deals, sales, holiday specials, etc.


Product feed: A link to a specific product on an advertiser’s site that features a photo, brief description, and price of that product.