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Order Commission Rule Resource


The Order Commission Rule report will break down transactions based on how a Dynamic term pays out on the transaction.

Request Parameters
Parameter Description Possible Values Default Required?
transactionId Transaction ID

Either transactionId or orderId is requrired
* 123 N/A Dependent
orderId Order ID

Either transactionId or orderId is requrired
* 123 N/A Dependent
Response Fields
Field Description Notes
id Transaction ID  
order_id Order ID  
is_new_to_file Boolean flag that indicates whether the new to file parameter was supplied and, if so, the value. 1, 0, null
order_date Date of the order provided by the advertiser  
sale_amount Amount of the sale  
transaction_payout_amount Base Payout of the applied term  
transaction_payout_type Base payout type 1 = Item Level, 2 = Order Level
total_order_commission Commission for the entire order  
rules[n] Rule Collection Rule 0 (zero) contains order-level data. Supplied items will not have commission deltas, however they're provided for consistency.
rules[n]items[s] Item collection for each rule Keyed on item id; empty item contains order-level data for that particular rule
rules[n]items[s]item_name Product SKU / Item ID  
rules[n]items[s]quantity Item Quantity  
rules[n]items[s]category_id Category ID of the category supplied for this particular item  
rules[n]items[s]category_name Category Name of the category supplied for this particular item  
rules[n]items[s]item_price Price of each item  
rules[n]action_type Type of action to be performed for current rule  
rules[n]action_value Value to be used by the rule action  
rules[n]level Rules can be order or item level. 1 = Item Level, 2 = Order Level
rules[n]name Name of the current rule  
rules[n]commission Commission delta for the current rule  
rules[n]conditions[n] Collection of conditions the current rule must trigger  
rules[n]conditions[n]rule_id Rule ID that the condition is attached to  
rules[n]conditions[n]condition_id ID of the current condition  
rules[n]conditions[n]condition_type Type of condition  
rules[n]conditions[n]condition_subtype Sub type of condition  
rules[n]conditions[n]is_new_to_file Bool flag that shows whether new to file was applied to this rule Only applicable for the new to file condition / condition subtype
rules[n]conditions[n]search_type Search Type Used for search conditions
rules[n]conditions[n]comparison_type Comparison Type Used for comparing conditions
rules[n]conditions[n]value_lower Value Lower Used for ranged conditions
rules[n]conditions[n]value_higher Value Higher Used for ranged conditions
rules[n]conditions[n]tier_value Threshold for tier conditions  
Collection of condition values Some conditions use several condition values
Transaction ID  
Rule ID  
Condition ID  
Condition Value ID  
rules[n]commission Commission for the rule  

* Values shown are placeholder values. Please replace with actual data.