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Publisher Promotion Methods Defined

Content – Promoting advertisers via site which contains unique and original content.

Coupon/Value Proposition – Promoting advertiers coupon based offers.

Social Media – Promoting advertisers via social platforms

Paid Search – Promoting advertisers via search engine results.

Product Review – Reviewing an advertiser’s product.

Comparison Shopping – Promoting via comparing different advertiser’s products.

Content Syndication/Sub-Affiliate Network – Promoting via an affiliate network of publishers.

Loyalty - Offering users an incentive to shop (i.e. cashback).

Toolbar – Offering users downloadable software.

Mobile/Tablet Application – Promoting advertisers via mobile or tablet application.

Remarketing/On-Site Engagement - Promoting via conversion recovery technologies.

Buy Now, Pay Later - Promoting by providing an alternate payment method that allows customers to purchase products and services without having to commit to the full payment amount up front.