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Getting Started

Welcome to Ascend! To begin managing your program and seeing success, review these tips to help get the program off to a great start. 

  • Some of the best practices to recruit are to look through each publisher on the lists provided by advertiser support and be selective about who you’d like in your program. In regards to expectations for your program, if you’re working with more of our top publishers and consistently sending out newsletters to make them aware of your offers, refreshing your offers, and actively recruiting in your program, then you can expect it to grow in 4-6 months. If you’re working mainly with content/niche publishers and doing the above, you can expect results in 6-12 months. 
  • Send out regular communications to your publishers. Building relationships is key to a successful program. You can create email lists for all your publishers as well as other groups of publishers you wish to target for specific sales or promotions. 
  • KPI, or key performance indicator, tracking is available within Ascend to allow advertisers to enter monthly goals and track against them. You can select 1 to 3 top KPI’s to track within your program per month. Ascend has 9 essential KPI’s to choose from, which are listed below: 

                        Average Order Value (AOV)


                        Click Active Publishers

                        Conversion Rate

                        Percentage of New Users (if utilizing this feature in our dynamic tracking)

                        Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

                        Revenue Active Publishers

                        Revenue Growth

                        Traffic Growth 

  • Continue to update KPI goals and track towards them. KPI goals should be reviewed and updated monthly. If KPI goals are not updated, the goals from last month will be shown and tracked against. 
  • If you have upcoming sales, be sure to create links around these sales and notify publishers immediately. 
  • Utilize the newsletter function in the interface to make sure your publisher base is informed of upcoming promotions, new products, and commission changes so they could and properly promote your products.