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How to Submit a Transaction Inquiry

Transaction Inquiries

If you notice that you have not received credit for a referred sale, you can submit transaction inquiries through your publisher account. This is located under the advertiser tabtransaction inquiries. Be sure to include in your inquiries, the order details of the transaction in question and any related notes for the advertiser. Transaction inquiries can be added manually by clicking “add new inquiry” or if you have larger set of transactions, you can create a csv file in order to bulk upload them all at once.

Upload New Transaction Inquiries

The transaction inquiries bulk upload file format should be a CSV with columns named with the following column headers:

  • advertiser_id
  • order_id
  • inquiry
  • order_date
  • sid 
  • sale_amount


Keep in mind that when bulk uploading inquiries, any failed inquiry will cause the entire file to be rejected. Be sure that you file has the correct column headers and that there any extra spaces which may cause the upload to be rejected.



How-to Video: How to Add, Upload, and View Transaction Inquiries