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Payments Overview


Publishers have the option to receive payments by the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit
  • Check (sent to the address on file for the account).

Please note that PayPal is the standard method and you will need to reach out to Support if you would like to adjust your payment method. Please note that if your account's currency is anything other than USD, PayPal is the only payment method available. 

The Ascend publisher payment cycle is around the 1st and 15th of each month. Payments are processed for any locked commissions prior to each cycle. You will need to accrue at least $25 in locked commissions to be paid out on an upcoming cycle. Beginning of the month payments will process on the 24th of the month prior and middle of the month payments process on the 10th of that month. Please note that payments may take some time to process. We recommend allowing a week following each payment cycle, but if you are experiencing any issues receiving a payment, please let us know.

To view your current commission statuses, go to the reports tab > advertiser payments > commission summary. This will show the amount of commission you have in each status based on the date range you choose.

Commission Status

  • Pending - Commission was tracked and is currently pending based on the advertiser locking period for each order. Advertiser locking period can be 30, 45 or 60 days. Pending commissions need to lock in order to be eligible for an upcoming payment.
  • Locked – Commissions have locked and will be paid out on the upcoming payment cycle.
  • Paid – Commissions were paid on a previous payment cycle.
  • Delayed – Advertisers who use net terms as their payment method need to pay an invoice in order for commissions to paid out to their publishers. If you see delayed commissions, we recommend contacting the advertiser to see if they have any info on when these will be updated. Once commissions are paid they will process on the next payment cycle.
  • Unconfirmed – Commissions that tracked through a non-traditional pixel and will need to be confirmed prior to being paid out.
  • Updated – Commissions that have been updated from a previously delayed status




Payment History

To view specific orders that are related to a payment, you can go the payment history report. You’ll see the amount and process date info in this report for each payment that was issued in the range you have selected. On the right side you’ll see a details link that will bring you to the transaction history report. This link will automatically populate with the orders that are related to that payment.

Transaction Inquiries

If you notice that you have not received credit for a referred sale, you can submit transaction inquiries through your publisher account. For more info on submitting transaction inquires, click here.