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Transaction Inquiries

If publishers notice that they have not received credit for a referred sale, they will submit transaction inquiries through the account. Theses inquiries request credit for a transaction that was made and happens most often with loyalty publishers, as loyalty shoppers are promised cash back for their purchases made through these loyalty publisher sites.  If a publisher does not receive commission on a valid, referred transaction, they cannot provide cash back to the shopper.  Publishers will include in their inquiries the order details of the transaction in question. We recommend that you cross reference this information with your own data to determine if this is a valid transaction before resolving.

Transaction inquiries can be found within the Notifications section of Ascend.

You will need to resolve the transaction inquiry by indicating whether this is a valid publisher-referred order and the publisher will be notified.  If the order was valid, simply click Accept for the inquiry, so the publisher can be paid. If you believe the publisher should not be credited for the transaction, click Reject. You will be able to add notes for the publisher to review. 


If Accept is clicked, a window will appear allowing the advertiser to add notes and continue to edit the transaction. For example, if the order is valid for the publisher, but the sale needs to be adjusted, the advertiser is able to make changes to the sale amount.

By clicking Accept and Add Transaction, the transaction will be added to your account and will be viewable in the Transaction reporting. When you accept a transaction inquiry, the locking period will be based from the date that you accepted it. The order can still be corrected until it locks for payment to the publisher.