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The product creative resource allows a publisher to pull product creatives for the advertisers they're working with.

Request Parameters
Parameter Description Possible Values Default Required?
programIds A comma-separated list of program ids to filter by. * 123,456,789 N/A No
categories A comma-separated list of category ids to filter by.
Use the category resource  to retrieve these ids.
* 123,456,789 N/A No
keywords A space-separated list of search terms to filter by. * keyword1 keyword2 keyword3 N/A No
refurl This field associates the traffic and conversions with the specified URL to later be populated in your and your joined advertisers' reporting.

NOTE: By providing this data, it will be exposed to your joined advertisers.
Any URL, ideally including the http(s) scheme.

N/A No
Response Fields
Field Description Notes
age_range Suggested age range 10-14
artist Media artist The Beatles
aspect_ratio Screen aspect ratio 16:9
author Media author John Steinbeck
battery_life Battery life 3
binding Book binding hardcover
buy_url Destination URL
category_network eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network specific category (sub categories optionally delimited by '>') apparel > pants
category_program Merchant specific category (sub categories optionally delimited by '>') apparel > pants
color Color of item green
color_output Whether output is color or not yes
condition Condition new
description_long Long description Computing device that makes direct use of quantum merchanical phenomena. The fundamental building block of this computer is the qubit.
description_short Short description Computing device that makes direct use of quantum merchanical phenomena.
director Movie director Steven Spielberg
discontinued Whether product is discontinued or not yes
display_type Display type LCD
edition Media edition collectors
expiration_date Expiration date 2009-04-04
features Special features machine washable
focus_type Focus type manual
format Format DVD
functions Functions photo capability
genre Genere Rock and Roll
heel_height Heel height 1.5 inches
height Height 28 inches
image_thumb_url Thumbnail image URL
image_url Standard image URL
installation Installation type free standing
in_stock Whether product is in stock or not yes
isbn Book ISBN 0123456789
keywords Space separated list of keywords quantum qubit computing
length Length 3 feet
load_type Load type top
location Shipping location Dallas, TX
made_in Manufacturing country USA
manufacturer Manufacturer or brand Sony
material Contstruction material graphite
megapixels Megapixels 7.2
memory_capacity Memory capacity 8 gigabytes
memory_card_slot Memory card slot type bluetooth
memory_type Memory type flash
model_number Model number 442244
mpn Manufacturer part number HMC4415AA
name Name or title cutlery set
occasion Recommended usage occasion Thanksgiving
operating_system Operating system Linux
optical_drive Optical drive type CD-RW
pages Number of pages 425
payment_accepted Accepted payment methods cash/check
payment_notes Additional payment notes POD
platform Platform Nintendo Wii
price Selling price 15.00
price_retail Manufacturer suggested retail price 17.50
price_sale Discount price 12.50
price_shipping Shipping price 2.50
processor Processor type Intel
publisher Publisher Pinacle Publishing
quantity_in_stock Number of items in stock 144
rating Rating G
recommended_usage Recommended usage home
resolution Screen resolution 1080p
screen_size Screen size 52 inches
shipping_method Shipping methods ground
shoe_size Shoe size 12
shoe_width Shoe Width wide
size Size large
sku Stock keeping unit 45588977
staring Staring actors Big Bird
style Style formal
tech_spec_url Technical Specifications URL
tracks Total number of tracks 12
upc Universal product code 434724479304
weight Weight 10 pounds
width Width 2 feet
wireless_interface Wireless interface bluetooth
year Year of manufacture - YYYY 2001
zoom Maxium zoom 3x

* Values shown are placeholder values. Please replace with actual data.