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Transaction Delta Resource


This report differs from the transaction details report in that transaction changes are reported. So, if a transaction is reversed, the order and commission amounts will show negative numbers. The date represents the date and time the record was added or changed.

Request Parameters
Parameter Description Possible Values Default Required?
startDate A valid date string in the ISO 8601 date format; 
any timestamp information that is present will be ignored.
yyyy-mm-dd N/A Yes
endDate A valid date string in the ISO 8601 date format; 
any timestamp information that is present will be ignored.
The period of time formed by the start date and the end date must not exceed 1 month.
yyyy-mm-dd N/A Yes
removeCsvHeaders Removes the CSV column headers from the report. 1,true 0,false No
optionalFields If the value of optionalFields is "transactionDate" the last column of the report will be the date and time that the transaction occurred on the advertiser's website. transactionDate N/A No
website If not included, reports will not contain website information. If a website ID is supplied the report will be refined to only contain results relevant to that website and the last column will contain the website URL. all, specific ID N/A No
includeRevision If enabled, the revision number of the transaction history record will be included in the response fields. 0 or 1 0 No
Response Fields
Field Description Notes
transaction_id Transaction ID  
order_id Transaction Order ID  
sid Transaction SID  
creative_type Transaction Creative Type one of: product, text, advanced, banner, contextual, newsletter, manual, generic, call, aggregate, skimlinks
sub_type The sub-type of the advanced creative type one of: flash, html, email, in-store, printable
commission Transaction Commission Amount  
sale_amount Transaction Order Amount  
type Transaction Type one of: bonus, lead, sale, click
date Transaction Date date and time the transaction was recorded or changed within Pepperjam Network
status Transaction Status one of: paid, pending, locked, delayed, unconfirmed
program_name Program Name  
program_id Program ID  
item_name Item Name  
item_id Item ID  
reason Reason the Item was corrected  
transactionDate (optional) Transaction Date date and time the transaction occured on the advertiser's website
website (optional) Website URL URL from website tracking
revision Revision Number Revision number of the history record for the transaction item