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Advertiser Performance Resource



The advertiser performance report resource allows affiliates to pull transaction summary data for each program they belong to.

Request Parameters
Parameter Description Possible Values Default Required?
startDate A valid date string in the ISO 8601 date format; 
any timestamp information that is present will be ignored.
yyyy-mm-dd N/A Yes
endDate A valid date string in the ISO 8601 date format; 
any timestamp information that is present will be ignored.
The period of time formed by the start date and the end date must not exceed 1 year.
yyyy-mm-dd N/A Yes
website If not included, reports will not contain website information. If a website ID is supplied the report will be refined to only contain results relevant to that website and the last column will contain the website URL. specific ID N/A No
groupBy By default, the results are grouped by program. However, this can be changed by using the available values of the groupBy request parameter. By using this, you can alter the grouping to be by date, program and date, program and publisher referral URL, etc. date, program_date, program_refurl, date_refurl N/A No
removeCsvHeaders Removes the CSV column headers from the report. 1,true 0,false No
Response Fields
Field Description Notes
program_name or date Program Name or Date When 'program_date' is supplied as the groupBy value, both fields will be present in the response. When date or date_refurl are supplied, only 'date' will be returned. Otherwise, only 'program_name' will be returned.
impression_count Impression Count  
click_count Click Count  
click_through_rate Click Through Rate Click Count / Impression Count * 100
conversion_rate Conversion Rate (Lead Count + Sale Count) / Click Count * 100
earnings_per_click Earnings Per Click (Lead Commission + Sale Commission) / Click Count
sale_count Sale Count  
sale_revenue Sale Revenue  
total_sale_commission Sale Commission  
lead_count Lead Count  
total_lead_commission Lead Commission  
total_commission Total Commission Sale + Lead + Bonus
bonus_affiliate_commission Bonus Affiliate Commission  
website (optional) Website URL URL from website tracking
publisher_referral_url This field associates the traffic and conversions with the URL you specified in your tracking links. Only present when groupBy is either 'program_refurl' or 'date_refurl'