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Affluent Integration Guide for Publishers

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Partnerize's Ascend™ platform partnership with Affluent enables publisher partners to integrate affiliate marketing lifecycle data into a consolidated dashboard. Once you connect your Ascend account, Affluent collects your affiliate transactions from the prior 6 months and continuously updates the data once a day (or more depending on your Affluent tier).

Affluent collects data from the Ascend Publisher API:

Affluent Data

Pepperjam API Endpoint

Ascend Reference

Advertiser data


Manage Advertisers




Clicks and Impressions


Advertiser Performance



Transaction Details



Itemized Transaction Details



Payment History


Getting Started

Connecting Pepperjam to Affluent

  • In the Affluent user interface, go to Add an Account and search for/click Pepperjam.
  • Enter a Nickname (optional)
  • Enter your username, password and API key.
  • Select the currency your account uses.
  • Click "Connect".

If you want to add more than one Pepperjam/Ascend account, repeat the process. It may take a few minutes to start seeing data appear and several days before all your historical data is collected.