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Affilimate Integration Guide

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Ascend’s™ integration with Affilimate enables partners to track their complete affiliate sales funnel end-to-end. Affilimate’s key features include context-aware heatmaps (allowing you to see exactly which button or link led to conversions), aggregated reporting across affiliate networks (saving you time from logging into each dashboard), and reporting broken down by the version of your content (allowing you to experiment on your content with confidence and measure the impact on your bottom line). Once you’ve connected your Ascend account by providing your API credentials, Affilimate will collect your affiliate sales from the last 12 months, and pull new information on a daily basis.

Getting Started
Log into Ascend to get the credentials you’ll need to integrate with Affilimate. Navigate to via the Left Navigation panel Resources - API Keys.

You will need your (1) API Key and (2) website ID, as well as your currency.


If you don’t know your currency yet, navigate to your Profile Settings:
Scroll all the pay to the bottom until you see “Payment Settings”. There you’ll see your account’s currency as a three-letter code (e.g. USD, AUD, CAD, etc.)

Connecting Ascend to Affilimate
Step 1. Connect Affilimate to Ascend

Now, you'll take these three pieces of information and push them into Affilimate!
To start, push the Connect more reports button on the Performance overview page.


In the pop up, choose "Pepperjam" and provide the following details:

  1. Your API Key — the long code you generated on the API Keys page
  2. Your website ID — the six-digit number
  3. Your Pepperjam account currency — e.g. USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, etc.


Click the Test connnection button, and we'll verify that your credentials are correct.

Step 3. Choose the time period you’d like to report (we’ll default to 12 months)


After you test your connection, you'll be asked how many months worth of sales you'd like to import. Follow the steps and you'll be done!
Step 4. Enable Smart Labels for Pepperjam links (Optional, recommended)

This step is optional, however Smart Labels will give you the best tracking and takes just two seconds.
Start by opening Affilimate's Integrations page.

Scroll down until you see "Pepperjam". If you're already tracking Pepperjam links, you'll see it under "Your Partners". If you haven't imported any Pepperjam links yet, you'll find it under "All available partners".

In the column called “Smart Label”, flip the switch so it turns blue.

Already using SIDs in Pepperjam? If you want to keep your existing SID tracking system, or merge them with Affilimate's Smart Labels, click here to learn more about applying Label Rules to your sales.

You’re done!