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Okanjo Integration Guide

Pepperjam’s Ascend™ platform is integrated with Okanjo. The integration enables Okanjo users to easily import product feeds from advertisers they work with across various affiliate providers into a single platform. Okanjo enables partners to efficiently maximize commissions and expand reach by easily selecting content for their posts with comparative views for products, payouts and inventory availability across affiliate providers – including Pepperjam’s Ascend™. 

You can integrate your Ascend™ data into your Okanjo account by providing your Pepperjam API credentials.

Getting Started
Log into Ascend™ to access the necessary integration credentials.
Navigate to via the Left Navigation panel Resources API Keys
You will need your (1) API Key and (2) website ID


Connecting Pepperjam to Okanjo
Navigate to via the Left Navigation panel Farm Vendors.

  1. Select edit
  2. Enter your API key from Pepperjam