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Shopify App Installation User Guide

Installation User Guide   


July 24, 2023


App Installation Steps

1. Login to your Shopify admin account

2. In the same browser, navigate to 

3. Click Add app.      


4. On the following page, click Install app.     


5. After successful installation, the configuration page appears. Follow the configuration instructions to complete setup.   


App Configuration Steps

1. If not already there, navigate to the Pepperjam app’s settings page by selecting Apps from the left navigation, then clicking Pepperjam.    

2. When prompted, click “Update app” to approve the permission request for the Pepperjam app to access customer information.   


Note: This is only to access the New to File customer data and no other customer data is required.


3. Enter your affiliate program ID (PID) in the Program ID field. This will be provided to you by Partnerize’s Integration team. It can also be found in Ascend Network’s interface at the top of the page when logged in.   




4. Configure your Custom Domain. This would need to be provisioned in Ascend before moving forward. This is not a required step for integration or update.



5. If your Shopify cart supports item prices in more than the single currency configured as your native currency in Ascend, click the check box next to Enable Non-Native Currency Support.   

6. Enter your program’s tag container ID. Partnerize’s integration team will provide you with this number. You can also find this number in Ascend’s interface at the bottom of the Tracking Integration page under Resources.

7. Click Save.    

8. An FTP URL will appear in the Order Correction File URL section. Make note of the URL and save it for later.   

*You will need to provide this to Partnerize Integration.   


9. Code will appear within the Tracking Code section.

10. Click Copy to clipboard.   


11. In the left navigation, click Settings, then Checkout.  


12. Scroll to the Order Status Page section. Paste the code into the Additional Scripts text area. Please ensure the tracking code is not placed within any other scripts or codes in this area. Doing so may cause issue with the Ascend or other scripts.


13. Click Save to complete the configuration process.