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The Domo Connector for AscendTM lets advertisers evaluate their affiliate marketing creative, publisher, group, item and transaction data directly in Domo with a customizable update frequency. The following datasets are available, which map to specific reports in AscendTM:









Domo Dataset Ascend Report Link Ascend Knowledge Center Article
Payments and Fees
Creative Performance
Creative Performance by Publisher
Itemized Transactions
Itemized Transaction Summary
Transaction Details
Transaction History
Publisher Performance



In addition, two datasets are available as dimension tables: Group and Publisher. These tables provide the user the ability to append this information:

  • Group:
    • Group ID
    • Group Name
    • Assigned Publishers

Groups can be managed in Ascend here.

  • Publisher:
    • Publisher ID
    • Transparency
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Company
    • State
    • Country
    • Website
    • Status
    • Request Date
    • Join Date

Publishers can be managed in Ascend here.

Connect Ascend to Domo

To integrate, log into your Domo account. You’ll need to have the ‘Connect a new DataSet or update an existing DataSet’ permission typically associated with Admin, Privileged and Editor roles in Domo.

Navigate to Datasets and select CLOUD APP under the Connect Data section.


Search for Pepperjam and select the Connector.


On the landing page for the connector, review the overview, datasets available and questions.

Select “Get the Data” at the top of the page to start the connection wizard.

Under Credentials, select “Add Account”.

Name the account something descriptive, such as “Pepperjam”. If you have multiple advertiser programs on Pepperjam’s Ascend™, specify the advertiser in your description. For example, “Pepperjam – Advertiser A”.

Then, type in the API key associated with the advertiser. Your Pepperjam API key can be found here:

Once entered, press Connect.


In the Details section, select the report you want to access and set the date range. In our example, we pull in the publisher performance report for yesterday. Each report has optional filter parameters. For any of the performance reports (Publisher Performance, Creative Performance, or Creative Performance by Publisher), you should use the GroupBy parameter and set it equal to publisher_date. This will pull back publisher and date in your results set. 

Press Save.

NOTE: You’ll most often likely use the Publisher Performance Report.


Choose a scheduling cadence for extracting the data. We typically recommend updating the data daily in the late evening, but if you want intra-day updates, then select “Every Hour”.

Once set, press Next.


Finally, give your dataset a descriptive name. We recommend something like Ascend-AdvertiserName-DatasetName-TimePeriod.

Click “Save” and begin building your Domo Cards from Ascend data.