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Glew Integration Instructions

Pepperjam’s Ascend™ and Glew Integration Instructions

How it Works. Glew’s integration with Ascend™ integrates your affiliate marketing data-- account transactions, creatives, groups, publisher creatives, publisher performance and transactions—into your reporting source of truth.

Getting Started. To begin your integration, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Ascend™
  • Access your API Key:
  • Ascend’s API requires an API key to authenticate all API requests. To get your API key, navigate to and log into your Ascend account.


  • This will display your API Key and version, which are unique to your account. Please copy and save both values - you will need to paste them into Glew.


  • Note: We do not recommend selecting Generate New Key. Selecting Generate New Key will overwrite your existing key, perhaps breaking other integrations that leverage this key.


  • Please review the fields below before saving your Pepperjam integration. Any changes you make to the fields below will automatically update the previous fields. To save your integration, click Save Changes.
    • API Key:
    • Version:







Understanding Ascend Data

Dimension Tables
These tables provide descriptive information about creatives, groups, and publishers