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Rockerbox Integration Guide

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The Rockerbox attribution platform empowers marketers to make better decisions about their investments. Rockerbox centralizes online and offline marketing data to help brands understand how all their channels—including the Ascend™ affiliate cloud platform—impact user acquisition

Ascend™ brands can integrate their affiliate marketing lifecycle data into Rockerbox using our feed-based integration.

The Rockerbox integration consists of two steps:

1.       Setting up the spend feed from Pepperjam to Rockerbox

2.       Appending Rockerbox URL parameters to Pepperjam campaigns.

Step 1: Setting up the spend feed from Pepperjam to Rockerbox

Pepperjam’s integration with Rockerbox involves setting up a daily, automatic spend feed from Pepperjam to Rockerbox. Some of the terminology differs between the two platforms. See the table below for how Pepperjam data maps to Rockerbox data fields:

Pepperjam Field(s)

Rockerbox Field

Sale Date/Time in EST*


Intentionally left blank

Advertiser id

Intentionally left blank

Advertiser name

Intentionally left blank


Intentionally left blank

Publisher id

Static value of ‘Pepperjam’

Publisher name

Publisher ID

Campaign id

Publisher Name

Campaign name

Creative Type Code-Creative ID

Creative id

Creative Name

Creative name

Intentionally left blank

Placement id

Intentionally left blank

Placement name

Publisher Commission (Gross, does not factor out returns or corrections)


*Rockerbox will convert the date/time to UTC

To set up the spend feed and begin the integration process:

1.       Request your Rockerbox SFTP site from your Rockerbox account manager.

2.       Contact your Pepperjam account manager and ask them to turn on the Rockerbox feed. They will need your Rockerbox SFTP in order to complete this step.

3.       Pepperjam sends a daily feed to Rockerbox and creates a one-time historical backfill.

Step 2: Append Rockerbox URL Parameters to Pepperjam Ascend™ Campaigns

Pepperjam Ascend™ campaigns need to have Rockerbox-specific URL parameters to track appropriately. To set this up in Pepperjam, complete the following:

1.       Navigate to the Generic Creative page:

2.       Add the following Rockerbox parameters to your destination URL parameters:

·         &pj_creativeid={creative}

·         &pj_publisherid={subid}

3. Press Save

As a reminder, make sure to keep your &clickId={clid} parameter as well. Rockerbox also requires this parameter.

Destination URL Parameters: