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Wizaly Integration Guide


The Wizaly platform applies its algorithmic attribution technology to provide brands with a holistic, unbiased vision and actionable recommendations across the marketing mix. Ascend™ brands can integrate their affiliate marketing lifecycle data into Wizaly using our simplified integration.

The Wizaly integration consists of two steps:

1.     Connect the Pepperjam API to Wizaly

2.     Append Wizaly URL parameters to Pepperjam campaigns.

Step 1: Connecting Pepperjam to Wizaly

The Wizaly integration utilizes Pepperjam’s API to collect data daily from the publisher performance report and maps it to Wizaly as follows:

Pepperjam Field(s)

Wizaly Field





Total Commission + Bonus Amount

Total Cost


To integrate, contact your Wizaly account manager and provide your Pepperjam API key and API Version, found here:


Step 2: Append Wizaly URL Parameters to Pepperjam Ascend™ Campaigns

Pepperjam Ascend™ campaigns need to have Wizaly specific URL parameters in order to track appropriately. To set this up in Ascend, navigate to the Generic Creative link:

Add the following Wizaly parameters to your destination URL Parameters and press save:

·         &wiz_medium=affiliate

·         &wiz_source=pepperjam

·         &wiz_campaign={subid}

Make sure to keep your &clickID={clid} parameter as well.

Destination URL Parameters:



These are the possible parameter values: