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Auto Escrow

Auto Escrow is an automatic payment system. Advertiser pays by credit card.

Process for Auto Escrow

  • An initial deposit is required to fund the escrow in the account
  • Your escrow balance must always maintain a minimum balance. If your balance dips below this amount, the auto escrow system will make an automatic withdrawal to keep your minimum balance
  • The credit card added to the account will automatically be charged to fund the account to cover commissions
  • The system looks back 14 days and charges the card as if the activity will remain the same or increase for the next two weeks
  • We recommend all advertisers review their escrow balance daily.


If your card fails:

  • You will receive a notification making you aware of the failure, and a team member will reach out to make you aware.
  • Please keep in mind that the system will attempt an auto-deposit once, each day, for 5 days. If the 4th attempt fails, we will send you and your joined affiliates an email that the account is underfunded. On the 5th day, if the error continues, we will set your program inactive.
  • If your program is inactive, you will first need to add funds to satisfy the balance. Additional funds can be manually added to your account by going to Account Manage Funds. The blue Add Funds button will take you to the payment profile screen. When adding funds via credit card, simply choose the “using credit card” payment type and leave the payment profile set to “default” as you will have no other choice. Next add the payment amount which you desire and then click the blue “add funds” button at the bottom. Please note that your funds will be immediately added to your account.
  • Once funds are added, you will need to contact your account manager or advertiser support to reactivate your account.


Statement of Activity for Auto Escrow

  • Since the account is set up on Auto Escrow, the advertiser will not have an actual invoice to pay rather a Statement of Activity will be uploaded in the invoice section
  • You can go into the account to view the Statement of Activity for the account by going to Account Invoices View
  • You can also see all the charges made to the card by viewing the Billing Summary, which could be found by going to Account Billing Summary


Updating your Credit Card within your Ascend account

Credit Card Upload

Auto Escrow accounts require a valid credit card in your account at all times. The advertiser interface cannot be accessed without an active credit card. To upload an active credit card in your account, follow the instructions below:

  • Select add funds in the Account drop down menu.
  • Click Add Profile.
  • Enter your credit card details and press Save Profile.


Helpful tips for entering your credit card information are:

  • Have your monthly billing bank statement available when entering profile details. If you receive an address verification error, please review all credit card profile details to ensure the data matches your statement.
  • Ensure that you enter the appropriate address for transactions, as all banks have two addresses on your credit card account. Contact the bank if needed and re-enter the new credit card details.