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Financial Summary Widget

The financial summary widget is located on your dashboard upon logging in. Here, you can check beginning balances, deposits, charges and commissions as well as your available funds. There is also the ability to add more funds here by clicking on the “add funds” button. Once you click this button it will take you to the payment profile screen where you will again click on the “add funds” button. When adding funds via credit card, simply choose the “using credit card” payment type and leave the payment profile set to “default” as you will have no other choice. Next add the payment amount which you desire and then click the orange “add funds” button at the bottom. Please note that your funds will be immediately added to your account.


  • Beginning Balance: The beginning balance of your account.
  • Deposits: Any deposits that have been added to your account.
  • Charges + Commissions: The total number of charges to your account as well as commission payouts.
  • Funds Available: Available funds in your account.