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KPI Best Practices

It is important to determine what you value the most and what the primary goals of the channel are prior to setting KPIs in the Ascend interface.  Some best practices for setting up and maintaining KPIs include:

  • Fully review and understand each KPI that is available and determines what is most valuable to your brand prior to setting up KPIs in Ascend.
  • Evaluate and review KPIs monthly to determine if adjustments need to be made to specific goals that are set. We recommend reviewing KPI performance daily and updating goals monthly to accurately reflect any changes in your affiliate strategy
  • Establish moderate goals for the channel to accurately reflect on performance, and evaluate overall success.
  • Goals must be set for KPIs established in Ascend. We recommend utilizing at least one goal but you can set up to 3 per month.
  • KPI goals must be set by the last day of the month. If not, the previous month KPIs will be locked and will be the goals used for the upcoming month.
  • Make sure that your KPIs do not conflict with one another or your overall affiliate strategy

We’ve built our technology to help you stay in front of your goals and act immediately on performance with a simple, easy-to-use interface that puts your custom KPIs front and center. Get started today by adding KPIs to your program.