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GAP Analysis

When performing a GAP analysis, there are several key areas you should focus on:

  • Top revenue driving affiliates that are NOT in your program
  • Publishers who are “Joined” to your program, but inactive
  • Publishers who are “Invited” but have not joined your program
  • Publishers who are promoting your competitors but are not in your program
  • Publishers who are active in your program, but there is little to no optimization
  • Publishers who are click active, with no revenue

What to do with your GAP analysis findings:

  • Recruit new affiliates
  • Activation existing relationships
  • Optimize relationships

Action Plans for Optimization:

  • Recruit publishers into your program by offering an incentive for activation
    • Upon activation, you will receive an increase in commission for the first 30 days.
  • Foster the relationships of inactive publishers by incentivizing them for generating their first sale
    • Offer a $10 bonus to anyone who generates their first sale within 30 days
      • Create a Recruitment Tracker to determine which new publishers joined your program, and the incremental traffic/revenue that is being driven each month