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Publisher Communication

Communication is key to a successful affiliate program. Publishers can be your best resource to see what works/doesn’t work for your program and help give insights into how you can improve performance. You will always want to inform publishers of any new products, website updates, promotions, or changes. One of the best ways to stay in touch with your publishers is by sending newsletters. You will want to send a newsletter weekly or at least monthly with any new products, promotions or even as a reminder to promote the program. Check out the communications section in the resource center for more info on creating newsletters.

Besides creating newsletters, direct communication with your publishers will help to develop individual relationships, and explore opportunities to grow your partnerships. You can use the interface mail feature to send/receive email, and you can also reach out publishers directly. By clicking on a publishers name in the interface you can view their details page which lists their contact info. You may also want to view the publisher’s website for additional contact when reaching out, or if you have been unsuccessful in contacting the publisher.

Be sure to communicate often with your top performing publishers. They will be able to provide any upcoming placement opportunities, and insights for increasing their performance in your program. You can also reach out to the publishers in your program who are generating clicks/traffic but not as much in terms of sales. Discuss ways to help turn that traffic in to more revenue for your program and be sure they are aware of your products, offers etc.