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About Dynamic Attribution Suite

Ascend's attribution suite gives advertisers the flexibility in incentivizing the right type of traffic for their program. To process attribution rules, we analyze clicks within the publisher click stream going back the length of the advertiser’s lookback period, which is determined by the highest cookie duration from all their commission terms. For publishers, it’s important to review and understand how attribution settings can impact your advertiser partners.

There are five different attribution settings:

Code suppression allows advertisers to control their budget by keeping the program free of promotion cannibalization. Publishers will not receive a commission for a transaction that includes a suppressed code.

Exclusive code gives commission to the publisher assigned the code for all transactions with their code was applied. The publisher does not need to be present in the click stream to receive a commission. Exclusive codes are an effective way to negotiate a placement with an advertiser.

Preferred publisher - while similar to Exclusive Code, preferred publisher guarantees a publisher commission, provided they produce a valid click anywhere in the lookback period.

First Click changes the traditional attribution model of last click to better incentivize the introducer of a sale.
Finally, in-cart attribution, which gives preference to the publisher that a customer last visited before the in-cart time threshold, typically 5-15 minutes prior to the sale. The time threshold is determined by the advertiser.