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Measured Integration Guide

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Measured helps inform the incrementality of performance and paid media for acquisition marketers to drive cross-channel investment decisions.  Its approach is rooted in innovative, always-on A/B experimentation, proven to be the most effective and accurate methodology for determining incremental contribution.  Incrementality drives Measured’s cross-channel attribution and decisioning platform.  Measured is powered by a privacy-compliant and quality-controlled marketing data platform provided as a service.

Ascend brands can integrate their affiliate marketing lifecycle data into Measured using the Ascend™ integration. Measured collects the following Ascend data daily from the publisher performance report:

·         Date

·         Publisher ID

·         Publisher

·         Company

·         State

·         Website

·         Impressions

·         Clicks

·         Sales

·         Leads

·         Sale Lead Amount

·         Earnings Per Click

·         Bonus Amount

·         Total Commission

Connecting Ascend to Measured

Measured utilizes Ascend's API to extract the information above. To integrate, contact your Measured account manager and provide your Ascend API key, found here:


Once connected, you can evaluate Ascend™ data in Measured.

Incrementality Testing

Reach out to your Measured account manager to set up affiliate program incrementality tests.