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Custom Tracking Domain FAQ

Q: What is Custom Tracking Domain? 

A: Ascend™ by Partnerize’s Custom Tracking Domain ensures persistent and accurate partner program tracking for Ascend™ brands amidst evolving browser changes including ad blockers and ongoing ITP updates.  

Q: How does Custom Tracking Domain function?  

A: Ad blockers identify Ascend™ by Partnerize as an ad network which blocks cookies from our tracking URLs. Brands that configure their custom domain by replacing Ascend™ by Partnerize’s default tracking domain with a sub-domain on their own site (example: store cookies on their own sub-domain and effectively circumvent ad blocking technology. To get started now, log into Ascend™ and navigate to Resources Tracking Integration.  

Q: How does Custom Tracking Domain differ from traditional affiliate tracking?  

A: Legacy affiliate networks’ tracking can be easily identified as an ad network putting them at risk of ad blockers. By hosting your Ascend™ tracking on your sub domain, cookies are stored on an advertisers’ site which will not be identified and terminated by ad blockers. Custom Tracking Domain also includes an advancement in Safari ITP risk mitigation by storing partner program tracking cookies on the advertiser's subdomain. 

Q: Is Ascend™ by Partnerize’s Container Tag required in order to implement Custom Tracking Domain?  
A: Ascend™ by Partnerize’s Container Tag and Custom Tracking Domain are both necessary to ensure persistent tracking amidst evolving browser changes and ad blockers. 

Q: How does Custom Tracking Domain benefit advertisers?  

A: Ascend™ clients that configure Custom Tracking Domain:  

  • Futureproof their partner program tracking to protect against evolving browser changes and ad blocker 
  • Maintain persistent partner channel tracking that eliminates the need to make ongoing updates and alleviates additional manual tech changes 
  • Ensure accurate performance data that gives them the insights necessary to offset the cost of their traditional sales and marketing channels 
​​​​​​​Q: How does Custom Tracking Domain benefit publisher partners?  

A: Advertisers that implement the tracking enhancement benefit their partners by:  

  • Ensuring equitable rewards for referred transactions without the concern of inconsistent tracking 
  • Enabling accurate reporting that impacts data used to prove incremental value 
  • Empowering mutually beneficial relationships that ensure appropriate compensation and data  
Q: Will a programs’ current tracking persist during the Custom Tracking Domain implementation process? 

A: Your current tracking will persist using Ascend™ by Partnerize’s domain until the Custom Tracking Domain implementation process is complete.  

Q: How can advertisers set up Custom Tracking Domain? 

A: Navigate to the Custom Tracking Domain wizard under Tracking Integration  Custom Tracking Domain 

Q: Can an advertiser change their Custom Tracking Domain after initial setup? 

A: Yes, advertisers can update their Custom Tracking Domain at any time by repeating the steps outlined in Ascend™.