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Dynamic Tracking - Bulk Upload: Corrected Orders


A bulk upload of corrected orders allows you to provide changes to orders that you previously sent to the dynamic commissioning system, which may include returned items or order cancellations, quantity increase or decrease of ordered items, or pricing changes for ordered items.


  • ORDER_ID and ITEM_ID cannot be changed. If there is an error with ORDER_ID and ITEM_ID, please contact your Account Manager. You can set all quantities to 0 (zero) and submit a new order with a new unique ORDER_ID if you need to change these values (see Dynamic Tracking - Bulk Upload: New Orders).


Corrections may not be applied to orders after the locking period has passed.

Locking periods vary by affiliate program. Please consult your account strategist or customer care for further information.

No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be passed through the batch file. PII includes but is not limited to information which can be used to distinguish or trace an individual's identity, such as their name, social security number, email address, phone number, or physical address.

Bulk Upload: Corrected Orders Fields Explained

Field Name Description Required Example Data Type / Length
PROGRAM_ID Your program ID.

Your Account Manager will have this information.
Required 123 Integer (10)
ORDER_ID An order ID that is meaningful to you (usually the order identifier/number in your system). Order items will be grouped together with this and should be unique per order.

Allowed characters: alphanumeric (A-Za-z0-9), dashes (-), and underscores (_).
Required FT-13543422 String (50)
ITEM_ID An item ID or product SKU that is meaningful to you (usually the SKU identifier/number in your system). This is for an individual item in an order (denoted by ORDER_ID).

Allowed characters: alphanumeric (A-Za-z0-9), dashes (-), underscores (_), periods (.), and colons (:
Required SKU-423125 String (50)
ITEM_PRICE The sale amount of the ITEM_ID.

The unit price should reflect any coupon or discount that is applied to an order, and should be before shipping and taxes.

For full returns or cancellations, this field should be set to zero (0)
Required 32.30 Float
QUANTITY The quantity of ITEM_ID ordered.

Must be a non-negative integer.
Required 2 Integer (10)
CATEGORY The category ID that is meaningful to you for ITEM_ID. Optional ABC123 String(64)
NEW_TO_FILE Whether or not the customer that placed the order is a new customer in your system using whatever business logic you deem appropriate.

Note: This value should be 1 (one) if the customer is new or 0 (zero) if the customer is not new.
Optional 1 Boolean
COUPON A single or pipe-separated list of promotional codes tied to a personalized coupon.

This is used to ensure credit is given to the owner of the personalized creative, rather than someone who may have used it without permission. If a list is provided, the first valid code will be used. If a valid code is not provided, the sale will be attributed as normal.

This also may affect commissions if you have a Coupon Rule set up in the applied Term.

Note: This feature requires additional setup by your Account Manager.
Modifying Coupons does not affect owner attribution, only potentially the commissions earned.
Optional MYPROMO1 String
REASON Please use one of the following codes for the reason you are correcting the transaction: 
1 - Invalid credit card number
2 - Customer returned the order
3 - Duplicate order
4 - Invalid shipping/billing address
6 - Customer returned part of the order
7 - Merchandise was damaged
10 - Non-Payment
11 - TOS Violation
8 - Other
Optional 8 Integer (2)
SEGMENT Custom Segment can be used to pass any attributed that is meaningful to you with the order Optional Remarketing String (64)
CURRENCY The currency of the item prices being passed for the order.

When not supplied, amounts are assumed to be in the program's native currency.

Accepted values are the three-letter abbreviations of the currencies supported by our platform: USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CNY, JPY, INR, KRW, SGD, RUB, TRY, BRL, MXN, ARS, CHF, HKD.
Optional CAD String (3)


Bulk Upload: Corrected Orders CSV


You will need to generate a data file in CSV (comma separated value) format. The file will need to have the field names in uppercase on the first line, with all the data on the following line(s).

Note: Order items with the same ITEM_ID for the same ORDER_ID should represented with a single line.

A simple example:




The file naming standard for corrected order CSV is:

Simple PHP code snippet to create filename

$program_id = 123;
$filename = $program_id . '_transactions_corrected_' . strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S') . '.csv';


Bulk Upload: Corrected Orders Upload Instructions


Your Account Manager will need to log into the Pepperjam Control Panel and add the SFTP/FTP file server and path to where bulk uploads are stored, represented like Or s The dynamic commissioning system will attempt to log into via FTP protocol on port 21 (or via SFTP protocol on port 22), change directory to /pepperjam/bulkuploads/ and look for any files in that directory matching the expected pattern. After the files are processed, they will be deleted from the SFTP/FTP server.


The CSV can also be manually uploaded in the control panel.

Further details of setting this up are outside the scope of this document.

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