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Text Links

Text links are text hyperlinks displayed in your program for affiliates use. These text links may include your brand name, new product lines, offers such as free shipping, coupons, % off discounts, and much more. Text links should be updated with your programs current marketing calendar and promotions. It’s important to refresh them every so often, removing all old promotions and adding any new promotion to the account that is taking place currently. 

To find text links navigate to CreativesText Link in the interface.

When you first navigate to the text link page you will see the current amount of text links currently added to your account out of your maximum amount allowed (10). Below that are the bulk upload text link and add text link buttons. The add text link button will allow you to add an individual text link and the bulk upload text link button will allow you to upload more than one text link at a time.

Let’s look at adding an individual text link:

  1. Click the “add text link” button
  2. Enter link anchor text. This is what will be displayed to the publishers in your program. Anchor text can be anything from your brand’s name to a current promotion you may be running.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select a promotion type.
  4. In the URL field, enter the corresponding website address you wish to link to. This can be your homepage or a specific page within your website.
  5. In the description box, enter a brief description of what the text link pertains to. You can also enter a brief description of your business.
  6. Select whether you allow deep linking. Deep linking enabled allows the affiliate to adjust the destination URL and direct traffic to another section of your website.
  7. Choose whether you want the text link to be visible to the public, or only visible to certain publishers. Private text links are typically used when you have created a custom text link that may include an exclusive affiliate offer.
  8. Select the status of the text link. There are three options to choose from. Active, inactive, and date range. By selecting date range, you will be able to choose a start date and an end date for your text link. This is especially useful during the holiday season, or if your business currently runs multiple sales throughout the course of a month, week, or year that have clear start and end dates.
  9. Save your text link.


You can also upload multiple text links at once. To do a bulk upload, click “Upload Text Links” on the top of the Text Link page. Files must be CSV (Comma Separated Value) with the following columns in any order.


  • Anchor_text
  • URL
  • Description
  • Deep link (0 for ‘Disable’ or 1 for “Enable”)


The Column headers must be included as the first line of the file.

Once the CSV is created, you will be able to upload it and submit to generate the text links.