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Reverting Checkout Extensibility for Shopify Plus Users to Maintain Affiliate Tracking

Partnerize testing has confirmed that Shopify Plus users who have enabled Checkout Extensibility interrupts and ceases affiliate tracking. In order to maintain affiliate tracking, Shopify users will need to revert the Checkout Extensibility functionality. To revert Checkout Extensibility, perform the following steps:

  1. Within Shopify, navigate to Settings > Checkout in the Upgrade Status section, and click the revert link.

  2. Select the ‘Thank You’ page to revert the changes and click revert.

  3. After you revert a Checkout Profile, your Checkout Extensibility customizations are saved as a draft that can be updated and published later.

  4. Once these changes have been reverted, please notify our team who can assist in confirming affiliate tracking persists.

Shopify-issued instructions on reverting the Checkout Extensibility functionality can be located here.

If you are unable to revert the Checkout Extensibility changes, please contact Shopify Support at