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Custom Tracking Domain Integration Guide

Ascend’s Custom Tracking Domain ensures persistent and accurate affiliate tracking for Ascend™ brands amidst evolving browser changes including ad blockers and ongoing ITP updates.  

You can configure your custom tracking domain that will be used in the conversion pixel and container on the Tracking integration section in Ascend.  You will need to supply a custom domain/sub-domain combination that corresponds with your program's site. Once enabled, this domain will replace our default domain in tracking links, the conversion pixel, and container.  The following steps are required:


  • Submit your domain, which includes sub-domain, domain, and top-level domain.
  • When we're done provisioning the custom domain, you'll be notified. You will then take the provided Name Server records and associate it with the DNS records for the provided domain
  • Once you've associated the provided Name Server records, our application will automatically confirm the records are correctly configured. If we don't detect a correct configuration, the application will notify you.
  • Once your DNS is confirmed, you'll take the provided tracking pixel template and container tag and integrate them into your site.
    • Once you're done, click 'My Integration is Complete' and the integration team will confirm your integration.
  • Once your integration is confirmed, you can then enable the domain.

Step 1:  Submit Your New Domain:
In this step, you will choose a separate sub-domain from your site that you would like to use and enter it into the system. 

  • The host part of the uri should match your primary domain
  • The sub-domain part of the uri will be a separate sub-domain setup for the purpose of integrating with the feature. It will need to be separate from any other sub-domain currently in use. Pepperjam is used as a placeholder in this instance.

 Step 2:  Provision Domain
In this step, nothing is required from you.  The system will provision the domain for use with Ascend tracking.  You will be notified via email when this has been completed.
Step 3:  Create Sub-domain with your domain registrar
In this step, you will take the Name Servers provided by Ascend and make sure they are configured with the provided domains. 
Once you have created the Name Server records in your registrar, our script will automatically detect when the domain has been configured.  You will receive a notification when this has been completed.  If our script does not detect the configured Name Server record after 3 days, you will be notified. 
Step 4:  Integrate the Tracking pixel and Container Tag into your site
You will copy the conversion pixel template and container tag code from Ascend to use in your integration.   The integration guides below can be used to help the guide the integration. 
Click here for more information on how to configure the pixel.
Click here for more information on how to install the Container Tag.
Step 5:  Enable the domain
Once your integration is confirmed, you will enable your Custom Tracking Domain.  If you are updating your integration to a Custom Tracking Domain, This will notify your partners of the change so that they can retrieve their updated creative links.