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Can I Use Publisher Tracking?

Ascend supports non-postback pixel tracking for the majority of advertiser partnerships. If you would like a publisher pixel placed to trigger for when affiliate referred transactions are attributed to your publisher account, we can have this added to the system. You may send us your image/iframe pixel, and we can send it over to our tech team for implementation.

Please note that image pixels must be a valid URL. If using a non-HTTPS URL, pixels will not fire on secure pages. Make sure the pixel is in HTTPS format. Additionally, pixels cannot exceed 1,024 characters.

The following placeholders can be used in and will be replaced with the corresponding Pepperjam Ascend values: {PROGRAM_ID}, {AFFILIATE_ID}, {ORDER_ID}, {SALE_AMOUNT}

ORDER_ID is the advertiser's customer order id value that we reflect in the reporting. We cannot pass another order element through this integration outside of the four documented ones.

We do have an API that can be accessed regularly by your system to pull the transaction details for a given period. This will include any additional elements that you are looking to retrieve from the network reporting: Publisher API Docs.