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SID Usage


1. Overview

This document assists publishers in using SIDs.

2. Definition

An SID is a custom URL parameter that publishers can use to uniquely identify click and sale information. An SID is most accurately described as a source ID as it used to identify the source of publisher clicks and ultimately sales.

3. Usage

An SID can be added to an affiliate link manually or programmatically. Additionally, an SID may be appended within the Ascend user interface using the following steps:

  • Under the "Creatives" tab, select the desired creative type, as well as the desired advertiser
  • Locate "Code Options" at the top of the page, select the arrow to drop down the "Code Options" box, and enter the desired SID value in the box under "SID (limit 100 characters)"
  • Click "Apply Options"


4. Reporting

SIDs are only displayed in the Transaction Details Report. To access this report, hover over the "Reports" tab, followed by "Transaction Reports", then click "Transaction Details".