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Publisher Pixels


This document assists publishers in placing pixels on advertiser's confirmation pages.


A publisher pixel is an image tag with a URL source that collects transaction data.



In order to have your pixel placed on participating advertiser confirmation pages, you just need to provide a URL to to our Publisher Support team who will work with our Integration Team to place tracking. Please note, we do not support post back.  Publisher pixels must be in HTTPS format and cannot exceed 1,024 characters. The URL may look similar to the following:


The following fields are used as place holders. When the pixel displays, the place holders will be replaced with corresponding transaction data:

  • {PROGRAM_ID} - (integer value) advertiser program ID
  • {AFFILIATE_ID} - (integer value) publisher user ID
  • {ORDER_ID} - (text value) advertiser's unique order ID
  • {SALE_AMOUNT} - (decimal value) total advertiser sale amount; 0 for leads

On the advertiser's confirmation page, the image HTML will be rendered by the Ascend tracking system and will look like the following:

width="1" height="1" border="0">



A non-HTTPS URL will not fire on HTTPS advertiser's pages.

Publisher pixels must be approved by a Ascend technician. HTTPS URLs with invalid SSL certification will not be approved.