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Sign-up Form

Found under Settings, the Sign-Up URL links to an application that can be utilized for potential publishers to apply to both your program as well as Pepperjam.

Once a potential publisher completes the application, Pepperjam’s Quality Team will review the information to ensure accuracy prior to acceptance. Upon successful acceptance into the network, the publisher will automatically have a pending application for the program that will need to be approved by the merchant.

The Sign-Up URL can also be added to an Affiliate page on the merchant’s site to attract potential publishers. This page should include details on the program. Merchants typically add the Affiliates page as a link within the footer of the site.


There are two messages included for this process on the Sign-Up Form Settings page; the Introductory Message and the Success Message.

  • The Introductory Message is what will be displayed at the top of the application. We recommend including a message to thank the potential publisher for their interest in the program as well as providing contact information for the program manager should there be any questions.
  • The Success Message should inform the applicant that their application was successfully submitted and that the Quality Team will provide notification once the application has been processed.

These messages can also be customized with text and background colors.