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Program Settings

The Program Settings page displays basic information about your merchant account. Your Program name, or company name, will automatically be listed in this tab when you first sign in.

Next is your Display Logo, which must be 234x60 pixels in size and should be your current company logo. Your square logo must be square in its dimensions, with a recommended size of 150x150 pixels. This should also reflect your current company logo.

You then fill in the Suggested Keywords and Restricted Keywords boxes. These are keywords that advertisers want their affiliates to use throughout their search campaigns. Affiliates may also use other keywords but are never to use restricted keywords that advertisers list here. Suggested keywords should be words that describe your website or brand. For instance, say you own a clothing website “”. You may want to use words such as clothing, apparel and blouses. Restricted keywords should be words that affiliates cannot use to promote an advertiser in a search campaign. You may also wish to prohibit publishers from using your trademarked terms. If this is the case, you will want to include those terms as restricted.

You are then able to choose up to four predetermined categories that best describe your company/brand, as well as a Primary and Secondary Language that are generally set to US-English unless you require another language. Simply use the drop down menus in each to select your languages.

In this tab you are also able to determine whether you would like to Accept/Deny Partners (also known as affiliates or publishers). The options provided here are Manual, Automatic Accept or Automatic Advanced. There are then check boxes to determine whether you would like to automatically accept Premier Publisher to your program when they apply and if you require a Nexus Affidavit to be signed for Nexus state affiliates.

Next, you are able to select all countries that you ship to, as well as promotional methods and other information that describes your program. Both of these sections provide predetermined countries and method that you can choose from.

Finally, you are able to fill out your program description. This contains your terms and conditions, which is where you outline you program’s rules regarding TM bidding, direct linking, etc.

If you need to make any changes to your program’s terms and conditions, please reach out to Support.