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Manage Publishers

Effectively managing partner relationships is key to a successful affiliate program. Advertisers can manage existing relationships within their dashboard under Publishers > Manage Publishers. Within this window, advertisers can change publisher terms, revoke publishers, and accept new publisher applications.


To assign a new commission term, first ensure the term is created under Pay < Commission Terms. Use the filters at the top of the page to locate the partner(s).  The  “Bulk Actions” box allows advertisers to change the term of all partners included in the search results. Use the “Select” dropdown to mark all partners for a term change or check the box next to the publisher’s name for inclusion in the update. Expand page results as needed to include additional partners.

  1. Select Change Term from the dropdown Bulk Actions menu.
  2. Select the new term for the selected publisher. Choose a date for the term to take effect. Note that publishers require at least seven days’ notice of an upcoming term change.
  3. Indicate early acceptance, if applicable. Early acceptance allows a partner to choose to move into the new term prior to the effective date.
  4. Click “Confirm”


To change a single publisher's term, select Change Term under the Action button at the far right. 


Should a partner need to be removed from your program, use the filters at the top of the page to locate the partner and click “Revoke”.