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Accepting and Declining Publisher Applications

Publishers interested in joining an advertiser’s program may apply for a partnership by submitting an application through Ascend.

It is important for advertisers to review pending applications regularly to ensure they are not missing out on new, valuable partnerships. We recommend establishing a weekly cadence of reviewing pending applications.

Pending applications can be found under the “Notifications” section of the dashboard.

Clicking on the pending applications link will take you to the Manage Publishers page to review all publishers in applied status. You can also navigate there by clicking Publishers Manage Publishers and changing the status filter to “Applied”.


How to Review an Applied Publisher:
It is important for advertisers to review pending applications to ensure that the publishers accepted into the program will be a good fit for the brand.

Details for publishers can be found by clicking on the publisher name and display any additional websites, customer reach, contact information, promotional methods, and their social media footprint.


Accepting a Publisher and Setting their Term:
The default commission term will be automatically pending for any publishers in applied status. Advertisers have the option to select a different term after selecting Accept.


Approved publishers will receive the Join message from the advertiser’s program. To edit or view your welcome message, navigate to Settings Relationship Messages.
Publishers who are accepted into the program may begin promoting immediately.

Publishers will not receive a notification if you decline their application.