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Grouping Publishers

Managing publishers in your affiliate program can sometimes be a challenging task. A great way to help manage publisher within your program is to create publisher groups. Once groups have been created you can use them in different areas of the interface, such as sending newsletters and viewing reporting based on the groups you have created. You may want to create groups based on publisher’s type (coupon, loyalty, blog, etc.) or your top 5, top 10 publishers to help quickly view their performance in the program.

To create a group, go to the publisher’s tab > manage publisher’s. On the right side, you will see a drop-down menu for the existing groups, and there you can click manage. Click add group to create a new group and use the filter tool to search the publishers you would like to add. It is also possible to upload the group via csv file and the instructions for creating the file are in the manage groups tab.

If you have any questions on creating groups in your program, please reach out to the advertiser support team and we would be happy to assist.