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Order Rule Commission Report

Order Commission Rule Report
The Order Commission Rule report can be used by advertisers to see how specifically dynamic payouts are applied to a transaction. The report is located under Track > Transactions > Transaction Details. Click the term name associated with a given transaction to load the report.

In the new window, the Order Commission Rule Report will display the order ID, date, sale amount, and new to file status.

The default payout is listed first, follow by subsequent rules. Recall that rules are applied in the order in which they are listed when reviewing this report. Each commission amount shows the total payout associated with the given action. At the bottom of the report, the total commission amount is displayed. 
Advertisers should review the Order Commission Rule Report regularly, especially when a newly configured dynamic commission term is created. Understanding how payouts are dispersed across a set of rules is an effective way to not only understand the dynamic commissioning process, but gain further insight into your spend.