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Publisher Performance Report

The Publisher Performance Report provides you with each publisher's overall performance in your account. This report will only display those publishers who produced impressions, clicks, or sales.

Click on Track > Performance > Publisher Performance 

In the top left hand corner, select a date range you wish to review publisher activity. You can choose a date range by the drop down menu or the exact range option. The exact range will allow you to enter in a start and end date. Enter in the dates in the format provided or you may click on the calendar icon and this will automatically format the dates for you.

After you have entered in a date range you may also select additional search options to further define your search. You may search by publisher ID, which will allow you to see activity from an individual publisher in your account; by publisher group that you have created in your account; or by US State. Lastly, you can show the following publisher data: ID and you can include or exclude the following optional fields in your report (publisher id, company, name, URL).

Once you have entered in the data above click generate report and your results will display down throughout the middle of the page. Click on the printer icon to print this report or you may download this report to your pc by clicking on the download icon here. To the right, you can adjust the amount of rows to display below from 25 to 100 or skip to a different page under the page drop down menu.

The Publisher Performance Report begins with the publisher ID  and partner name – which is clickable to review publisher contact details, publisher website, and promo methods. Next is the publisher company name, followed by the number of impressions and clicks generated. An impression is how many times a banner is loaded on the consumer’s page. A click is how many times a consumer clicked a creative. Then you will see conversion rate, which is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action. Total conversions divided by total clicks times 100. EPC – Earnings per click is calculated by Commissions Earned / Number of Clicks. This number is often used to determine and profitability and performance from a specific publisher.

Next, amount of sales, leads, sales +leads amount and the total commission paid to the publisher. The commission includes both the affiliate commission and Ascend's transaction fee. The next field is bonus amount column. This section will display those publishers you have provided a bonus to. Finally, you may review more details by clicking on the ‘view’ button. This will take you to the transaction details page to review more information about the sales transactions. Below you will see the page total impressions, clicks, conversion rate, earnings per click, sales, total leads, sale + lead amount, total commission, and bonus amount. To the bottom right you can adjust the amount of rows to display or skip to a different page.