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Overall Performance Report

The Overall Performance Report displays the overall program performance of your program. To view this report, you may begin by selecting the date range you wish to view. Select a standard range or enter a custom date range, and then select if you would like to group data by day, week or month. If you are looking at a larger date range, you may want to group data by week or month for a better view.

Click Reports > Performance > Overall Performance

Click on Columns Settings to add or remove columns from the report. You may also adjust the graph to display the column of your choice. If you have had your program running for over a year, you can check the year over year box to compare data. You can also use the drop down and select period over period. For example, you may want to view this month’s revenue vs last month’s to help gauge your program performance trends.

You also have the option to included additional filters on the report such as publisher group, publisher state, and individual publisher ID. Once the report has been generated you can save it and view it later, or download an excel copy for your reference.