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Discover (Partner Recommendation Engine) – Discover’s automated partner recommendations are generating using the advertiser profile and preferences to deliver the best possible partner recommendations.
**All tracking types have access to Discover.
**There is no additional cost to utilize this solution.
Logging into Discover
  Once logged into the Ascend Platform interface, please follow the steps below access Discover:
  1. In the top navigation, click on “Discover”
  2. You will automatically be logged in to “Discover”
Recruit Page: Ascend Partners Search
Seek the best possible partners for your program with updated search filters in a fresh UI:
  1. Sort by Revenue, Sale Count or Avg. Monthly Visits
  2. Gap analysis for the top partners on the platform, which can also be exported to CSV
  3. Joined Date, search partners who have joined Pepperjam since the date selected
  4. Primary Promo Method – set by Pepperjam
  5. Social media presence
  6. Get more information, invite partners or send email using the buttons in each row
Ascend Partner Recommendations
Partner recommendations are generated by analyzing the demographics information of the advertiser and individual partner to determine if the recommendations to the program would make sense. The recommendations are located at the top of the recruit page in the recommendation carousel. From here, the user can invite or dismiss recommendations.
Prospect Recommendations
Prospect recommendations are generated using the same type of demographics data that is used to determine Ascend partner recommendations. To view these prospect recommendations simply toggle the recruitment search context to “Explore Prospects” and the recommendation carousel will reload with all the prospect recommendations.
Ascend Partners: Track Recruitment Efforts
Recruitment statuses enable you to monitor the partner recruitment and activation journey for your program.

To utilize the tracking, click on the icon for the status you would like to see all recruitment efforts within. Here are the options available to the user:
  • No Relationship
  • Applied
  • Invited
  • Joined
  • Revoked
Send email Module
Available from the recruit page, this allows the user to send an email to partners with a custom message.  The email can come “from” the main user on the account or the user performing the action.

You can now send bulk emails to multiple partners at a time via the bulk action list. The email body will be the same, but each partner will receive a separate email prefixed with “Hello {partner name}”


Email Templates
Use the “Mail” link in the left nav of Discover where users can create, update and delete email templates for use in email communication.
Each template will have a Template Name, subject line and a message body.

On the Send email modal, the user will have a new drop down to select a template. The modal will default to no template selected. The drop-down will include all templates names.


Email History
The history of emails sent through the system can be found on the send email modal or on the Partner details modal on the email history tab
Gap Analysis Report
Available on the Recruit page under the Presets dropdown, this report produces a Top 100 Gap Analysis for Ascend™ partners and displays your  relationship to them.
Saved Filters
  1. Frequently used filter settings on the Partner Search page can be saved as presets by clicking the Save Filters button.
  2. Saved presets can be edited by selecting the preset from the dropdown, changing the filters to their new positions, clicking the Save Filters button, unchecking the “Save a Copy” checkbox, and clicking the Save Preset button.
  3. Saved presets can be deleted by selecting the preset from the dropdown, clicking the Details button, then the Delete button.
**Only presets you created can be edited or deleted. Global presets cannot be changed.

Partner Details Module
This module displays stats associated with a partners’ individual social media accounts or blog stats. It also displays promotional methods, categories, geographic reach, and more. For more metrics, visit the details module for
traffic by device type, channel and country.


Manage Groups
  1. Groups allow marketers to take more efficient action within recruitment
  2. Groups can be accessed using the Group filter
  3. Groups can be edited by selecting the group and then choosing edit group on the actions drop down
  4. Add new group by choosing Add Group from the actions drop down

Add/Delete from Group
  1. Partners can be added or deleted from groups in bulk using the bulk action selection
  2. Partners can be added or deleted from groups individually using the
Activate Page
  1. Activate gives you an overview of partners in your program that are generating traffic, but have not yet converted. Easily take actions for these partnerships by: View detailed profile information
  2. Change Term
  3. Send Email
Toggle Search: Ascend Partners and Explore Prospects
Ascend™ partners populates search results for partners that are joined to the platform. Easily send partner invitations to these partners from the search results.

Explore Prospects enables users to recruit right-fit partners from the broader digital ecosystem for limitless recruitment capabilities. Partners that populate in Explore Prospects are not yet joined to Ascend™.
Exploring Prospects
To search for partners beyond Ascend™, follow these steps:
  1. Access the Recruit tab in Discover.
  2. Click on Recruit.
  3. Type in a relevant keyword that will search through hundreds of thousands of records to bring you the most relevant profiles.
  4. Filter further to find the right prospects. Filtering options include:
    1. Channel
    2. Country
    3. State
  5. Click Apply Filters to view your results within your desired context.
Filter by Links To
Explore Prospects also allows you to search for partners based on the URLs they link to in their content. This filter is valuable to locate partner prospects that link to competitors or brands in your vertical.
  1. Type a URL into the Links To search box
  2. Hit the apply filter button
  3. The search results will only include prospects and influencers who have a link to that URL within their content or profile
Filter by Monetization Source
Filtering by the monetization source allows you to easily explore partner prospects that monetize their content using other affiliate networks. Simply select the monetization source and apply the filter to see results.
View Prospect Profiles
Once you have performed a search, results will display as cards with details including picture, name, description, categories and social statistics.

To see more robust information on a specific prospect, select “Details” on a card to view their extended profile.
Recruit a Prospect
Each prospect card has a recruit button on their profile. If you would like to recruit a prospect:
  1. Click the Recruit button on their card or extended profile.
  2. An email modal will appear. Select the recruitment template you’d like to share with the prospect and click send.

An email will be sent to the prospect with a link to the signup page. If they signup, and are approved, they will be automatically applied to you program.

Viewing “Recruited” Prospects
Once you have sent a recruitment email to a potential prospect, they will be in the “recruited” status.

You can toggle this status through a filter in your Discover dashboard. Toggling between views allows you to keep prospects that you have previously contacted out of your search results going forward or view only prospects you have invited.

Adding Prospects to Groups
Add prospects to your custom groups from the recruitment page. By clicking the actions icon in the prospect profile, you can add that prospect to an existing group or create a new group to contain that prospect.

You can also select a group in the filters section to view all of the prospects you have placed in a group.
Bulk Recruitment of Prospects
Recruit multiple prospects at once via the bulk actions button.

To bulk recruit partners, select the prospect you would like to send recruitment emails to, and the select the bulk action “recruit” and all your selected prospects will receive a recruitment email.
Track Recruitment Efforts
The Discover dashboard provides transparency into your recruitment efforts in order to expedite sign up.

To gain visibility into your recruitment efforts, click on the icon for the status you would like to see all recruitment efforts within. Here are the options available to the user:
  • Prospect –  All prospects you have NOT contacted
  • Recruited – Prospects that have received a recruitment email from you
  • Reviewing – Prospects that have attempted to sign up with Pepperjam via your signup page and are being reviewed for acceptance
Discover Dashboard
To access your Discover Dashboard,click the Dashboard link in the left nav of the Discover UI.

The Discover dashboard creates unprecedented workflow efficiencies for marketers streamlining the process of finding and converting their target audience at scale with recruitment transparency, activation recommendations, accessible reach metrics and recruitment workflow measurement.

Discover Dashboard – Flow
The recruitment flow is and interactive dashboard that gives you a visual for end-to-end partner recruitment progress over the past 30 days. Within the flow, there are 4 segments.

Recruited – This displays the number of prospects that you have contacted in the last 30 days to recruit them into your program.
Invited – This is the number of partners within Pepperjam that you have sent a program invite in the last 30 days
Applied – This is the number of Pepperjam Partners that have applied to your program in the last 30 days.
Joined – This is the number of Pepperjam Partners that have joined your program in the last 30 days.
Discover Dashboard –Activity Progress
Each segment of the recruitment flow has an activity tile that displays actionable insights for your recruitment initiatives per segment.

The recruited tile displays data about the effectiveness of your email campaigns to potential prospects. This includes clicks, open rates, not seen, and more. to the tiles provide you with necessary metrics to gauge recruitment effectiveness, encourage pending partner follow up, promote conversion of click-active partners to revenue-active partners and more. 
Discover Dashboard – Invited Activity
The invited tile will display data about your activities when attempting to invite partners into your program. This tile will highlight the number of invites sent out over time, as well at the invites that require some follow up. Additionally, the tile displays the number of touchpoints you have already made with partners that have not yet accepted your invite.
Discover Dashboard – Applied Activity
The applied tile will display data about the partners that are applying to your program. The tile highlights the performance of partners that are applying and highlight those partner as potential valuable relationships to make.
discover applied 37.png
Discover Dashboard – Joined Activity
The Joined tile displays data about the new partnerships you have formed in the last 30 days. This tile displays revenue generation by week in the last 30 days, as well as the number of new partnerships contributing to these statistics.
Discover Dashboard – Recruited Modal
By clicking on any segments of the recruitment flow, or any of the activity tiles, the dashboard displays more detail information about the partners and prospects that make up that segment.

The recruited modal displays all the prospects you have contacted in the last 30 days by default. The time frame is able to be toggled by a drop-down in the upper right section of the modal.A detailed breakdown of the communications you have sent to them and responses received.
From this screen you can quickly send follow-up emails and track progress in your recruitment efforts with external prospects.
Discover Dashboard – Invited Modal
The invited modal will display all the Ascend™ partners you have invited to your program within the last 30 days. From the modal you will be able to see the time frame from when you last contacted them and quickly send an email to these partners that have not yet accepted your invite.Quick communication in this phase will help drive higher conversion rates between phases, and overall program health.
Discover Dashboard – Applied Modal
The applied modal displays information about the partners that have applied to your program in the last 30 days in two charts: the first breaks down the applications over time and the second shows which type of promo methods are most common in the partners that are applying to your program. From this modal you can also quickly accept or decline the applications.
Discover Dashboard – Joined Modal
The joined modal displays detailed information about the partners that have recently joined your program. This modal shows the number of partners to join, the revenue they are driving, and the categories makeup of all the partners. The table will also display primary promo methods of the partners and allow you to quickly contact them if needed.