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Saved Reports

The overall performance report allows you to save a copy of the report based on your chosen filters, date range etc. and will save this in the interface for you to use a reference.

To save an overall performance report, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the performance report tab and select overall performance
  2. Select any filters like 'State', 'Affiliate Group' or 'Affiliate ID'
  3. Specify the date range that you like (for options like 'last 30 days' actual dates will change in the future to reflect specified time period)
  4. Change compare options if you'd like to see how performance compares over time
  5. Feel free to customize order and visibility of the columns in the data table
  6. Save your customized report by clicking 'Save This Report' and providing report name and optional description. Once you save the report it will appear in your saved reports tab for future reference